Women and the Music Industry

I, like many others, really enjoy music. It is a really nice way to relax, give you energy, or just to let it play in the background. Although I am into music, the different genres, collectives, the industries, and so on, I can still unfortunately tell you that there are a lot of glaring issues with it. I know you read the title of this post and thought, “Wow, that’s really vague”, however that’s because there are various issues in regards to women and music, between sexual assault, physical assault, and much worse. For the sake of brevity, I wanted to discuss the use of women in rap specifically.

Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly appreciate this genre, however I sometimes get this strange feeling whenever I listen to it, or watch a music video. For one, women are almost never referred to as women in the lyrics. An overwhelming number of rapper still use the terms “hoe”, “trick”, or “bitch” whenever they want to talk about them. Women rappers, such as Young M.A., also hold to this in their lyrics. It is interesting how rapper who believe in being socially and politically progressive still do not utilize any other terms.

One of the other issues is that women are often used in music videos as props more or less. There exist many videos where you have the rapper in the centre in a luxurious setting surrounded by dozens of women wearing barely anything. The message that comes across on this is “I have a lot of money. I can afford expensive drinks. I have a lot of attractive women. All these things come in excess, so these are all expendable”, which is rather discomforting to see women being viewed as a luxury item, rather than an actual person.

I know I didn’t really offer any resolution to the issue, but merely made an observation, but I feel like sometimes addressing the problem is more important than a solution in some cases. A lot of people just accept it for what it is, or are even desensitized to it. I personally don’t see myself cutting off rap in the future, but these are things I keep in mind. That’s just my opinion though.